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“Improving the quality of early skin cancer detection of the population of the Vitebsk Region»

1.     Project name: "Improving the quality of early detection of skin oncological diseases among the population of the Vitebsk region".

2.     Project duration: 1 year

3.     Applicant organisation offering the project: Healthcare care institution "Vitebsk Regional Clinical Centre for Dermatology and Cosmetology"

4.     The goal of the project: Organisation and improvement of the quality of early diagnosis of skin neoplasms, screening of the population for the purpose of early detection of oncopathology of the skin, reducing oncology and mortality from this pathology.

5. Tasks to be achieved: Organization of early detection of skin oncopathology using modern diagnostic methods (universal portable system for dermatoscopy FotoFinder Handyscope).   Creation of a joint use center in order to improve the quality and accessibility of early detection of skin neoplasms.

6. Target group: population of Vitebsk and Vitebsk region

7. Brief description of project activities to be implemented: purchase of five (5) universal portable systems for dermatoscopy FotoFinder Handyscope to ensure wide access of population to services for early diagnosis, prevention of malignant skin neoplasms.

8. Total funding (Dollars USA): 6124 US dollars

Source of funding

Amount of financing

(in US dollars)

Donor funds

5480 US dollars


644 US dollars

9. Location of the project performance (region/district, city, etc.): Vitebsk

10. Contact person: initials, surname, position, telephone, e-mail address:

V.E. Spiridonov, Chief Doctor 8 (0212) 227502, vokvd@vitebsk.by, T.A. Sulima, Chief Accountant -

8 (0212) 601704


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