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Is a big treatment-and-preventive institution coordinating the work of the whole dermatovenereologic service of Vitebsk region. Four stationary departments (two departments on treatment of infections transferred by sexual way and their complications, dermatological department, mycology department, outpatients-polyclinic department, day in-patient department, home in-patient hospital, department on rendering paid services, rehabilitation department, 3 centralized laboratories (clinical and diagnostic, bacteriological, serum), equipped with the advanced equipment are the parts of the dispensary. 280 persons work in the dispensary. Annually more than 100 thousand persons appeal for outpatient medical aid, about 5 thousand persons receive the inpatient treatment.
Dispensary is a clinical base of the chair of dermatological and venereal diseases of Vitebsk State medical university.
Public health institution "Vitebsk regional dermatovenerologic dispensary" renders assistance on the following directions:
Dermatology (treatment and prophylaxis of skin diseases, consultation of the persons with a problem skin); including allergology.
Venereology (detection and treatment of infections transferred by a sexual way: syphilis, gonorrhea, clamidiosis, ureplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginiasis, herpes, candidiasis, cytomegalovirus, human papilloma virus);
Mycology (treatment of fungus infection of skin, nails, removal of nail plates, procedure on care of foot skin);
Cosmetology renders more than 50 kinds of services: removal of papillomas, keratomas, molluscum contagiosum, nevus vascularis, removal of verruga by electrocoagulation and cryodestruction, paraffinotherapy of face, hands and foot, depilation of axilla, hips, shins, bikini line, the programs of problem skin care (dry, wrinkled, greasy), mesotherapy etc.
Laboratory diagnostics in the dispensary is organized at the advanced level. Except for diagnostics of infections transmitted by a sexual way and skin diseases, spermogram, definition of immune state, allergotest, definition of sex hormones and prostatic specific antigen level are carried out.
Organizational and methodical work, that includes the training region experts on treatment and diagnostics of infections transferred by sexual way, the organization and realization on dispensary base of regional and republican seminars, preparation of normative and instructive materials on dermatovenerology.
With a view to improvement of patients treatment results the medical rehabilitation department is opened in regional dermatovenerologic dispensary, where there are the following experts: psychotherapist, acupuncture therapist and others. Alongside with traditional methods of treatment in the departments the treatment methods of alternative medicine are used: phytotherapy (treatment with herbal medicines), hirudotherapy (leeches therapy), apiotherapy (treatment by bee stings and products of beekeeping). There is a room of heat hydrotherapy (infra-red sauna, mini-sauna, "Cedar barrel"). Saki mud pack, chocolate pack, gel flax seed pack are carried out.

In the department on rendering paid services it is possible to receive a wide list of the specialized services. Here it is possible to pass inspection on all infections transmitted by a sexual way, to receive an advice of the experts of maximum qualifying category, to undergo a cure (except but syphilis) with application of modern highly effective methods of treatment.

For patients treatment in Vitebsk regional clinical dermatovenerologic dispensary the modern methods with use of highly effective medicinal preparations are used. Also the wide spectrum of physiotherapeutic procedures, hydrotherapy, mud therapy, phytotherapy etc. are used. Machine removal of nail plates, ozonotherapy, plasmapheresis, UV-examination of blood,
US-diagnostics of internals and skin are carried out.
Contact information:

9 Khmelnitsky str. Vitebsk 210015 
Telephone: (0212) 22-75-02
Fax: (0212) 22-75-02
Internet: www.vokcdk.by
Code OKPO: 02014532 Code UNN: 300007415
The license for medical activity 02040/0572050 is given October 28, 2010 by Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, is valid for a period of 5 years till December 1, 2014.
Settlement account 3604004070019 in the branch 200 ASB "Belarusbank"Vitebsk,
MFO code 635
Higher organization: Public health department of Vitebsk regional executive committee


Chief medical officer SALAREV Victor Vladimirovich
Reception place: room 13, ground floor
Reception time:Tuesday 8.00 - 14.00, Thursday 15.00 - 17-00
Ph. (0212) 22-75-02
Deputy chief medical officer (medicine) SALAREV Victor Vladimirovich
Reception place: room 18, ground floor
Reception time:Tuesday 8.00 - 14.00, Wednesday 15.00 - 17.00
Ph. (0212) 60-23-56

Deputy chief medical officer (economy) SMIRNOV Ivan Vladimirovich
Ph. (0212) 22-75-23
Chief staff nurse MICHALENKA Alla Vladimirovna
Ph. (0212) 22-75-05
Chief accountant SULIMA Tatiyana Andreevna
Ph. (0212) 60-17-04


1-st venerologic department
Address: 183 Gorky str. Vitebsk
Ph.: (0212) 33-20-36
Head of the department KLEVANOVICH Georgy Alexandrovich
dermatovenerology (0212) 36-50-21

2-nd venerologic department
Address: 183 Gorky str. Vitebsk
Ph.: (0212) 33-20-36
Head of the department NEBOSKO Yury Fedorovich
dermatovenerology (0212) 33-20-11

Out-patient department
Address: 9 Khmelnitsky str. Vitebsk
Ph.: (0212) 22-75-28, 42-55-08
Head of the department FEDOROVICH Evgeny Ivanovna
dermatovenerology (0212) 60-23-56 

Department on rendering paid services
Address: 6a Gertsen str. Vitebsk
Ph.: (0212) 66-36-22
Head of the department KLEVANOVICH Georgy Alexandrovich

Microbiological laboratory
Ph.: (0212) 22-75-05
Head of the laboratory CHERNIAKOVA Nataly Ivanovna

Clinical laboratory
Ph.: (0212) 22-75-28
Head of the laboratory VERBITSKAIA Oksana Ivanovna

Mycology department
Address: 39 3-rd Surazhskaia str. Vitebsk
Ph.: (0212) 23-17-55
Head of the department PUSHKARSKAIA Irina Aleksandrovna

Skin department
Address: 39 3-rd Surazhskaia str. Vitebsk
Ph.: (0212) 23-17-55
Head of the department LOVCHINSKAIA Yulia Anatolievna

Organizational and methodical room
Ph.: (0212) 22-75-29 Fax: (0212) 22-75-02
Head of the room MAISTRENOK Anna Mihaylovna

Ph.: (0212) 42-55-08, 22-75-28

Cosmetology department
Address: 64 Moskovskyi pr. Vitebsk
Ph.: (0212) + 375 212 22-75-15, мтс +375 29 208-15-48

Head of the room SCHASTNAYA Maina Aleksandrovna

Serum laboratory
Address: 183 Gorky str. Vitebsk
Ph.: (0212) 34-06-11
Head of the laboratory NADIRASHVILI Nana Demikovna

Dermatovenerology faculty
Address: 39 3-rd Surazhskaia str. Vitebsk 210026
Ph.: (0212) 23-21-49
Is a part of: Vitebsk State Medical University of Peoples Friendship order 
Head of the faculty ADASKEVICH Vladimir Petrovich, Doctor of Medicine, professor
Professor KOZIN Vladimir Michailovich, Doctor of Medicine, professor

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